Hard Money Loans in San Francisco Bay Area

Hard money loans in San Francisco Bay Area  by Construction Loan Pro, are utilized by real estate investors looking to purchase properties that are undervalued; usually single family residences that need to be rehabbed and sold for profit.
Often, being able to leverage capital by using hard money allows the investor to control more properties.

Typically hard money lenders will lend on the equity of the subject property.  Most hard money lenders in San Francisco will lend up to 70% of the purchase price.

There are also hard money lenders who will lend a second mortgage, which would cover the down payment along with the funds needed for the renovation costs. These types of loans are called“SAM”, (shared appreciation mortgage), or we often refer to it as “GAP Funding”.  These hard money loans share in the profit when the property sells.

Hard money is also readily available for refinancebridge loans as well as ground-up construction.


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